Surprising Cleaning Tips Involving Baking Soda

Being active members of the unofficial Melbourne cleaning society, we don’t like to keep secrets to ourselves… and try to share any handy tips we come across that might make the cleaning of your Melbourne home or office a little bit easier! We hope you enjoy these…

House Hacks involving Cleaning with Baking Soda:

You’re probably familiar with Baking Soda, or Bicarbonate Soda, as an essential ingredient to your baking mix when whipping up some cakes or cookies in the kitchen… but did you know it doubles as an environmentally friendly and economical cleaning product…?

That’s right, sodium bicarbonate is a natural alkaline solution that can be used in many different ways around the home or office to help remove the most resilient stains, and fight germs without the use of potentially harmful chemical additives. Check out our top baking soda cleaning tips below…

Cleaning Your Oven

Cleaning your oven is not something most people do regularly enough… and the unsightly build up of grime generally leads to going out and buying the most colorful heavy-duty oven cleaning product you can find, snapping on some big rubber gloves and protective gear, and preparing for chemical warfare. However, there is a much safer and inexpensive alternative to these strong chemical based solutions. Simply mix some baking soda with warm water, add a little vinegar if handy, and use a hard sponge to peal away the majority of stubborn oven grime.

Erase a Toddlers Wall-Mural

Any household with toddlers can appreciate the artistic expression in the form of unwarranted crayon wall murals… leaving you faced with the dilemma of cleaning your walls without damaging paint, or leaving harmful chemical smells around the home for the little artist. Try mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with warm water until you’ve created a paste-like consistency, and gently wipe your walls with a soft rag… easy, harmless and effective!

Carpet Cleaning Magic

There are so many tips out there for carpet cleaning… but this is definitely one of the better ones we’ve come across! For smelly carpet stains, scrub baking soda in to your carpet using a brush and warm water, and then vacuum when dry. The baking soda not only removes stains, but also naturally absorbs odors. For regular odor control you can sprinkle dry bi-carb soda on your carpet before going to bed, and then vacuum in the morning – as it naturally absorbs odorous germs.

Safe Floor Cleaning

Not only can strong chemical cleaners damage some wooden floorboards or laminate floors, the chemical odors or residue left behind can also be harmful, particularly to children and pets… Try adding a ½ cup of baking soda to your mop bucket of warm water for natural cleaning results with no harmful side effects.

Combatting Grease and Oils

Baking soda contains a natural alkaline solution that cuts through oil and grease, and can thus be used to:

  • Clean up oil spills in the garage
  • Wipe down greasy barbeques or grills
  • Soak greasy parts overnight in bi-card soda, warm water, and vinegar solution

Preparing for a Dinner Party

There’s no shame in only busting out your finest silverware or dining settings for special occasions, however this often leaves you with tarnished cutlery or coffee and tea stained pots and saucers to prepare before guests arrive. Thankfully, a baking soda paste made with warm water can be applied using a damp sponge or rag to brilliantly polish silverware, or remove stubborn coffee or tea stains from inside pots, mugs or saucers.

As you can see, there are a number of uses for baking soda, aside from helping you bake delicious cakes or cookies… and with most households always having a box at the back of the pantry, bicarbonate soda is one of the most convenient cleaning products you can get.

If you don’t have a box stored away somewhere, we highly recommend ducking down to the supermarket and investing less than $5 on this handy multi-purpose product.