Summer is approaching, and with holiday guests expected, barbecuing, and people moving from inside to outside more often… this is a notoriously difficult season for keeping the home clean.

On top of offering professional regular home cleaning services, we’ve compiled this list of summer-specific cleaning tips to help you keep your home looking spick-and-span, with a focus on natural cleaning methods accessible to all of us.

 5 Natural Summer Cleaning Tips

  1. Left-Over Lemons

If you have leftover lemons or limes laying around the house, rather than throwing them out, you can use them to great effect for cleaning small stainless steel surfaces such as handles or forests. Simply take half a lemon, and rub it all over the steel surface, before wiping with a clean microfiber cloth. You’ll find the citrus juices act as a natural sanitizer, leaving no streaky lines, and a fresh summer fragrance.

  1. Grimy-Grill

Expecting your grill to get a workout over summer? Its important to keep the surface clean and healthy between barbeques, and with a little attention, this isn’t hard. After using the grill, use oven mitts to scrub the surface while it is still warm, and grit will easily wipe away. For more stubborn grime, you may need to use warm soapy water to scrub the surface. Baked on food bits may require a more powerful oven cleaner, in which case ventilation and rubber gloves are required.

  1. Water-rings on Wooden Tables

No matter how persistent you are with coasters, someone will inevitably forget to use them, and hot or sweating cups and glasses can quickly leave ringlet stains on your wooden table. To remove these, mix one tablespoon of baking sofa with one teaspoon of water and gently rub the paste in a circular motion until the ringlets disappear.

  1. Finger Prints on Fridge

Your kitchen appliances are often the shining light of your modern living space, but grubby hands can quickly taint their appearance with smudges and fingerprints. After using furniture cleaner or window polish to wipe the surface clean of fingerprints, try using a clean soft cloth dapped in olive oil or baby oil to polish the surface, leaving behind an invisible film that will prevent future markings.

  1. Keep Summer Surfaces Sanitary

Plastic pool toys, inflatables and rafts can quickly gather germs when being used regularly over summer. You can use vinegar and paper towel to wipe down these surfaces, keeping them clean and sanitary, without the use of harsher chemicals that you may not want to come in contact with your children’s skin.