Suggested Cleaning Products and Equipment

As for any job to be done properly, the right tools are always required. For your cleaner to do a proper job in your home they too require the appropriate equipment and products for the cleaning.

We have listed below items that we recommend are made available to the cleaners:-


Homebrand 2 in 1 Liquid Gel (from Safeway or Coles)
Exit Mould Shower Spray

White King Power Toilet Cleaner or Harpic
Pine O’Clean Disinfectant

Dishwashing liquid (any brand)
Ajax Spray and Wipe or any other multipurpose cleaner.
Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner or Grease Monkey Multipurpose cleaner (when you want the oven cleaned)

General Cleansers:
Cream Cleanser, e.g. Jif
Glass Cleaner, e.g. Windex
Furniture Polish, e.g. Marveer or Mr Sheen (optional)
Eucalyptus Oil (optional)

Timber Floor Boards – either White Vinegar or Wood Magic
Tiles – Ajax floor cleaner or any other tile floor cleaner


Vacuum Cleaner (including spare vacuum cleaner bags)
Bucket/Mop – we recommend a cotton head mop and pushdown pedal bucket
Anti-static Duster
Cobwebbing brush – with an extension handle for high ceilings
Old toothbrush x 2 (kitchen/bathroom) – good to clean around base of taps
Scrubbing brush – for tiles/grout
Assorted cloths, such as Microfibre Cloths, super absorbent cloths
Chux only for very light cleaning tasks
Old towels or tea towels
Sponges and sponges with scourers (non scratch scourers)
Garbage bags
Extension power cord for vacuuming

Please note that this list is only a guide and that our cleaners are happy to use any other products you supply.

Unfortunately, if the cleaners do not have the correct equipment/products, then the quality suffers.