What Would Happen If I Didn’t Clean My House for a Year?

It’s tempting to put off the housework, but can you imagine what your house would eventually look like if you put off your home cleaning? It wouldn’t even take as long as you’d think. Just for fun, let’s see what your home might look like after you took a year off from cleaning it.

The First Week

After a week of not doing any cleaning, the dishes will be piling up in the sink. There could be crumbs, mud, dust, spilled food, and rubbish on the floor. The carpet will be gritty and messy, perhaps with rubbish left lying around, and the bins will be overflowing with smelly rubbish. The bathroom will start to get smelly, with mould starting to take hold, soap scum all around the shower and sink, and let’s not mention the toilet.

After Three Months

At the three-month mark, your house will be starting to get a little toxic and not somewhere you want come home to, as there’ll be very little relaxing going on. The kitchen floor will be covered in dust, crumbs and other nasties, and the cockroaches will be loving it. You’ll have run out of clean dishes long ago, and those left in the sink will have all sort of things growing on them. The contents of the fridge may be unrecognisable, and it would be advisable not to eat anything that comes out if it. Your carpet and other floor coverings will be buried in rubbish, and the bin will start to move by itself as the bugs and rodents move.

Around Nine Months Later

The smell will be unbearable. The bedding full of dust mites. The kitchen and bathroom toxic and repulsive. The dust, rubbish and creepy crawlies a health hazard.

At the Twelve Month Mark

Your house will resemble a rubbish dump, but you won’t be contributing to it anymore because you will have stopped living there. The kitchen and bathroom will have been taken over by rats, mice, bugs, spiders and mould, and both rooms will be the stuff of nightmares. The horrendous smell will be bothering the neighbours, and the local council compliance officer will be knocking on the door. By this time, the house has suffered irreparable damage, and it could take weeks and a fumigation service to restore it to its former glory.

Cleaning Services Melbourne Can Trust

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