Regular House Cleaning Melbourne

House Cleaning services in Melbourne

Have you noticed dirt, grime and dust building up around your home? Regular house cleaning services will allow you to enjoy a spotless home all year round.

House Cleaning That Gives More Time for You

No one wants to use their free time scrubbing and cleaning! Maid in Melbourne offers you the chance to spend more time doing the things you love. We can take care of all your weekly or fortnightly domestic cleaning tasks. With all appropriate credentials and certifications, we guarantee our cleaning services will meet all your requirements.

Standard Housekeeping

  • Floor Cleaning
    Our professional team of cleaners will mop, sweep and vacuum their way through your home or office, leaving your floors gleaming. Whether your home features carpet, tiles or wooden flooring, we guarantee to take the utmost care of your precious belongings.
  • General Tidying
    Imagine coming home every night to a clean and tidy home. We offer general tidying and surface cleaning to fight the general grime of everyday life.
  • Bathroom Cleaning
    Our house cleaning services always prioritise hygiene, especially for your bathroom. We clean and disinfect all bathroom surfaces, including sinks and toilets.
  •  Kitchen Cleaning
    The kitchen is at the heart of the home, so it’s important to ensure yours is sparkling clean. We ensure your sink, splashback and bench tops are perfectly spotless, so you can prepare meals with peace of mind.


Extra House Cleaning Tasks

  • Appliance Cleaning
    Even your appliances need a good scrubbing every now and then. Whether it’s your oven, microwave or fridge, we can restore your grubby appliances to their former glory.
  • Bed Making
    When you’re short on time and there is just too much to do, the last thing you need to worry about is your bed linen! Our team will change your sheets and make your beds so your family can enjoy clean sheets every night.
  • Laundry Ironing
    We offer ironing services for shirts, pants, dresses, school uniforms and more. Our professional team ensures perfection every time.

The Choice Is Yours When it Comes to Our House Cleaning

Depending on house size, lifestyle and daily routine, every family will have different home cleaning needs. When you work with Maid in Melbourne, you can choose how often we visit. Whether you require house cleaning services on a bi-weekly, weekly or fortnightly, we are more than happy to work around your schedule.

Need Professional House Cleaning Services?

To make a booking or to obtain a no obligation, free quote,
call us today on 1300 718 417 or use our convenient online booking form.
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Heavenly House Cleaning with Maid in Melbourne

Your house is more than just bricks and mortar; its walls contain memories, feelings and dreams. It is filled with precious family photos capturing moments of love and joy, old quaint knick- knacks or maybe striking pieces of artwork and travel treasures from far and wide. We take pride in our dwellings, they are a physical manifestation of our souls, our safe haven, yet at the same time a comfortable communal space. Often, because of our busy modern lives, we involuntarily neglect the upkeep needed to maintain our homes. This is where our handy house cleaning Melbourne based services come in. We want to be the back-stage crew to the performance of your daily routine, with your lovely home as the star of the show. You deserve to prioritise work projects, family commitments and social invites. Let someone look after you for once!

We Offer Simply the Best House Cleaners for You in Melbourne

Our dedication to cleaning has now being sparkling and shining for over 15 years. Rich in residential cleaning experience, we know exactly how to make sure that your property is glowing from within.

We guarantee a level of happiness and satisfaction that is through the roof by:

  • Offering fair, affordable rates- we understand that time is money and we have worked out a formula that ensures you receive a worthwhile service.
  • Providing cleaners who have a spick and span background- they are comprehensively insured, police and referenced vetted, highly skilful and thoroughly trained.
  • Pledging professionalism- we have an extensive list of terms and conditions which protect both our staff and clients.
  • Being no nonsense with our booking arrangements- our system is smooth, easy and suitable. We allocate you with a cleaner who will meet all your needs and you handle payments with them directly.
  • The state of our reviews- we come well recommended with a google rating of 4.9 stars. Our Melbourne house cleaning services are unparalleled in their unique ability to wow you every time.
  • Giving you a personalised experience- we use your cleaning products but also offer advice on environmentally friendly chemical free ones based on your particular requests.
  • Supplying an array of different services- including regular cleans, NDIS cleaning assistance and spring/one off/ bond cleanses.

Interested in Booking House Cleaning in Melbourne with Us?

Don’t wait for the laundry loads to stack up, for the ironing pile to spiral out of control or the cleaning to do list to reel to the floor. Get in touch with us to see what an amazing deal we can offer you. We are 100% Australian, locally based and family run, meaning that we value loyalty, good old -fashioned hard work and true grit. You can even redeem a free extra hour when you sign up to one of our regular house cleaning services. Ultimately, we want you to get back to doing all the things you love the most and return to a home which has had a big dose of tender loving care as well as a proper scrub down. Call us directly on 1300 718 417 or email us at Or if you prefer, you can put down your details on our online booking form and even connect with us on Facebook.
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