How To Clean Stainless Steel Products In The Home

There is no lack of stainless steel appliances in a modern home. They add a fantastic modern edge to a home, and hence their growing popularity with the masses. Unfortunately, they are prone to all types of dull looking blemishes, finger smudges included. As a result, people are forever complaining about their nasty, spot-prone stainless steel products, though they still need to purchase them. In this regard, here are some of the most applicable tips on how to clean stainless steel products in a home.

Never use water to clean or moisturize stainless steel appliances in a home

Stainless steel is quite a porous product, meaning that it needs to be constantly moisturized. Water however should never be used to moisturize or clean it. It gets into the pores, causing the steel to rust. The best moisturizing product for stainless steel is natural oils. How so, you may ask. Well, let’s compare a stainless appliance to a person who has dry skin. He has to keep on moisturizing the skin with appropriate oil or lotion, and that can effectively soak into the pores. This way, he is able to keep the skin looking soft and healthy. Stainless steel acts in the same way.

Use only natural oils to moisturize and clean stainless steel products

There are a lot of good stainless steel products in the market that can be opted for, however, make sure the select type has an oily base. It should be noted that most stainless steel wipes in the market do not have enough moisture and hence tend to leave streaks all over the appliance. This means that the best stainless steel cleaning product has to be settled for if the best of results are to be achieved.

There is a wide array of natural oils that can be used on stainless steel appliances. Olive oil however is one of the most popular stainless steel cleaning aids as it a common pantry item. Though slightly expensive, it is one of the best products to use to clean and moisturize a stainless steel product. The best thing about this oil is that it is readily available in the market and can be used in several other ways at a home apart from cleaning and keeping the stainless steel appliance shiny. For example, as it is used by many people in their cooking, it is always available in the pantry.

How do you go about the cleaning process with olive oil?

Well, a small patch of soft or microfiber cloth should be saturated with some olive oil. With the cloth, the grain of the stainless steel should be wiped repeatedly until it is nice and shiny. Reapply the oil until the required shine is achieved.

All in all, although the above listed tips on stainless steel products cleaning are not all inclusive, they are the best and most applicable. To prevent ruining your stainless steel appliances, avoid using just any random cleaning chemicals or product you come across in the market. Like mentioned above, natural oils are the most recommended cleaning and moisturizing products for stainless steel products at home or any other place for that matter. If you need the best help in cleaning your stainless steel products, use our maid services for the best results.