Don’t Throw That Away! 4 Things That Might Just Need a Professional Clean

There’s always that sinking feeling that comes with thinking it’s time to replace an expensive part of your home. When things start to look drab in the home, your first thought may be to replace the item. However, you’ll find that many items don’t need to be replaced at all. A thorough house clean can do wonders to many household items and get them looking good as new again!

Here are four things that will receive a new lease of life with a professional clean:

1. Couches

One of the most common pieces of furniture that people replace is the couch or humble lounge suite. Before you throw away your drab looking couch, ask yourself whether the internal structure is still in one piece and if there are irreparable tears or holes. If not, chances are all your lounge furniture needs is a deep clean from a professional cleaner. Not only will that cost you a lot less, but it will save you the trouble of having to dispose of your old couch just to buy one that you don’t really need.

2. Carpets and Rugs

Many home owners complain that their carpet has simply seen better days. Perhaps the carpet is light coloured, had years of usage, been around a lot of family foot traffic or has been shared with pets. All of these will make your carpet go from fab to drab pretty quickly, no matter the colour it is. Over time, the carpet’s threads can also feel flatter and less comfortable underfoot. If your carpet doesn’t have any mould, burns or excessive wear and tear due to being very old, then a professional clean will be able to freshen up your carpet, saving you time and money. Professional carpet cleaners will remove excess dust and pet hair. They’ll also have extensive experience in removing all different types of stains.

3. Shower Tiles

If you’re thinking the mould or build up in your shower grout will never come out, then think again! You might be surprised to find that all your shower needs is a professional clean to come up looking perfectly new again. Before you replace those tiles, get a professional opinion as to whether they can be saved.

4. Bins

There’s nothing worse than a stinky bin in your home or office. Most people think bins are easy and cheap to replace, but some stainless-steel sensor bins can be rather expensive! There are all sorts of tricks to clean a bin and make it smelling fresh again, so before you throw it out, consider hiring a professional to use a pressure cleaner and some odour eliminating products to freshen it up again.

Need Some Professional Cleaning Help?

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