How to Involve the Kids in Cleaning

Most people want their whole family to get involved when it comes to cleaning the home, but actually getting children to join is another matter! It depends on your preference as to just how much house cleaning you expect your child to do, but children of almost all ages can get in on the cleaning. Not only will they appreciate an understanding of maintaining a home, but they will also build habits that will keep them cleaner, more organised and even healthier in the future!

The big question is, how do you get kids to start cleaning? Try a few of our tips below:


Use a Reward Chart

Children of all ages, even teens, will love a reward chart. Keep it simple and use stickers for young ones. For older kids, they’ll love being able to choose a pocket money goal they are working towards, and having a reward chart lets them see how their hard work is paying off. The key to reward charts is to make sure that it shows clearly what the child’s tasks are and what reward they will receive should they keep up the good work!

Keep Chores Age Appropriate

Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify what types of chores are age-appropriate. Good cleaning habits generally start at 2 years old. Toddlers can learn to pack away toys, help wipe benches and feed pets. As children get older, they can help with the laundry, making the bed, tidying their rooms, emptying and loading the dishwasher and more. Give your child a variety of chores each week to keep them interested and motivated. From time to time, there may be an extra special job like washing the car or sorting through the toy box.

Build Up Daily Habits

While weekly chores are great, daily habits are also important. If you have older children, sit down with them and brainstorm some ideas on what they can do around the home to help out on a daily basis. One child may take on the job of emptying the dishwasher, while another might choose to sweep at the end of the day. Giving children ownership by getting them involved on the decision making will also keep them on task.


Make it Fun and Provide Plenty of Praise

Most adults secretly agree the chores aren’t the most exciting thing in the world, but you don’t need to tell your kids that. Make it fun by giving them jobs they’ll enjoy, and if there’s no escaping a boring job, combine it with some good tunes and a bit of dancing during a spring clean. You might find yourself enjoying the cleaning yourself!


Keep it Up!

Like all good things, consistency is the key to results. If you want your family’s cleaning habits to stick, then it needs to become part of the routine. Re-visit the reward chart on a regular basis and adjust chores if necessary but stick to the plan, and you’ll find it will pay off.


Need Some Professional Cleaning Help?

At Maid in Melbourne, we understand that even with your children chipping in on the cleaning duties, extra assistance is sometimes needed! If you feel as though your family could benefit from regular domestic cleaning in Melbourne or a one-off, thorough cleaning to get your home (and your kids) back on track, then inquire with us. You can receive a free instant quote, get in touch online, or call our domestic cleaners on 1300 718 417 today!